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Melbourne Online Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Vehicle Dimensions :

2T Van

3200 L x 1750 W x 1600 H (9 cubic mts approx)

From smaller items to basic 1 bedroom apartment will be fit

Moving straps, hand trolley and blankets

Has a storage place, door and a side door

4T Van

4200 L x 2050 W x 2200 H (19 Cubic mts approx)

From larger items or 1-2 bedroom apartments

Moving from small to medium sized office furniture

We have hydraulic tailgate lifts for easier loading / unloading

6T Van

6400 L x 2400 W x 2500 H (38 cubic mts approx)

From larger items or 2-4 bedroom houses

Fairly sized office furniture will fit

For pallets loading we have boxes and curtain sides extra